Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Inverted Veer- Combo'ing two of the best plays into one

Trying to communicate while invereted
One of the hottest plays that spread teams are currently running is the INVERTED VEER, or Power read.  Spread teams from around the country have spent time developing and implementing two of the most successful plays in the history of football:  the POWER and the VEER.  The idea of the Invereted veer is so put the "5 tech" in conflict.  Does he choose to run with the RB, or does he stay home on the QB?  

Below is the same play run against the four most popular defenses across the country.  The blocking rules do not change for the O-Linemen no matter the front.  This simplifies things, and allows the play to hit faster and more aggressively.  

v. Under (4-3)

v. Over (4-3)

v. Stack (3-3)

v. Odd (3-4)

The great thing about the IV, is that the O-linemen have angles.  Each O-lineman is able to come down on an angle, and get on their assignment.  For teams that run Power, the blocking does not change, which is also a huge advantage for the O-line.  

*** Key part= Speed at the RB ***  The RB has got to be able to take off, turn the corner, and be a threat to break each run.

When reading the 5, the QB has the option to keep the ball and run with.  Like the old Veer, if the 5 turns his shoulders, that is an easy read for the QB.  A great example is below.  

Here is a great look from the end zone.  Notice how the 5 gets upfield, turns shoulders.  It is an easy read for the QB. 

When the 5 stays tight, squeezes down, it is an automatice give.  

At all levels, simple = more efficient.  This play is a combination of two simple concepts put into one.  Coming up:  Formations with Inverted Veer, compliment plays with Inververted Veer, and how to defend Inverted Veer.