Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quads- QB Running Game

Continuing on the discussion over Quads, is the QB running game out of Quads.  Many people feel that Quads makes an offense one dimensional.  Absolutely not!  With some creativity, many running plays can be used out of quads, including the QB run game.

Quads in real life, on Friday Night!

While discussing the spread quad game, I will use the common spread tags of letters for players.  Listed below are the description:

X- Split End
Y- TE/Slot
Z- Flanker
H- FB/TE/H-Back
A- Running back
Q- Quarterback

The athletic QB continues to become more popular throughout the high school and college divisions.  When a team has that QB that is able to run the ball, and take a physical pounding, but still put the ball on the money, it can wreak havic on a defense.  

QB Sweep
The most basic QB running play out of Quads is the QB sweep.  This play is usually run to the field, allowing the QB to find his running lane and attack it.

This play, when you have the athletic QB, is lethal.  Getting your best athlete into space, with crack blocks and angles gets an offensive coordinator excited!
Get him the ball, and in space!
QB Trap

Reasons to love the QB trap:

It's a trap!

1.  Angles, Angles, Angles-  Everyone has an angle!
2.  Attack aggressive DEs
3.  Simple rules for your o-line
4.  One more thing for the defense to defend out of the spread
5.  Has the ability to be a homerun on every play

Strong trap- Trapping to the Quads

Weak side trap- Trapping away from the quads

The key to these plays is to have the QB take a small jab step away from the hole.  This allows the guard to clear and trap, while the LB's hesitate.  With the LB's being hesitant, the O-Line can get to their blocks with better angles.

Bonus:  Running Game with Motion
Because I have been encompassed with my season, in which we are currently 2-1, I have been slacking off on Hit'em hard.  Today I am adding in a bonus, QB running game with motion out of quads.  Say that ten times fast!

Using a lead blocker out of quads is simple.  Look at your base formation out of quads below:

There are three different positions, A, H, or Y that can be used as lead blockers.  As a coach, you can really mix it up if your personnel is capable of being a lead blocker.  Today we are going to focus on using a lead blocker for the ISO play.

QB Iso
Iso is one of the simplest, yet most effective plays.  It is based off of "isolating" one LB with a lead blocker.  Below are two examples of running iso out of quads, with different lead blockers.

Strong Iso
Using the H as the lead blocker

Weak Iso
Changing it up, using the A as a lead blocker

There is a the base running plays out of the Quads look using your QB.  It is important that when using the Quads to include running your QB if he is athletic at all.  It is another weapon to cause headaches for the defenses.

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