Monday, August 22, 2011


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quads Quads Quads Quads (That's four times!) Formations

Is every four sided shape a quad?
Quads formations (or 4x1) have become more popular in the past few seasons because of the predicament it puts defenses in.  Putting four receivers to one side causes the defense to become very vanilla, taking away their coverages and blitzing schemes.    

Quads defined is any offensive formation that puts 4 eligible receivers to one side of the formation.  Quads are mainly run by spread teams looking to get an advantage and take what the defense gives them.  

Here are some advantages to quads:
  • 5 man box for QB runs
  • Single coverage on single side
  • 4 on 3 deep to quads side

Below are the two base formations for Quads:


Even though you would think you a limited to ways to change up the quad formation, you are not.  

Quads can be run out of a bunch....

Running bunch out of Quads allows for single coverage on both outside receivers!

Quads can be run out of a diamond formation...

Diamond Quads are great for running bubble and spacing concepts.

Quads can be run with a TE....

Adding a TE beefs up the running game out of quads

This is the basic start of a quad offense.  Coming up, running and passing games out of quads.  It is going to be square.   

It's hip to be square

The football season has started and is in full swing.  This is the BEST time of year.  Teams have spent the last 8 months preparing, and  now it is their chance to prove what they have on the field.  I want to wish everyone the best of luck throughout the following season, stay healthy, keep your focus, fill your heart, and hit'em hard! 

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