Monday, November 29, 2010

Continuing Cover 3- COVER 3 SWITCH

Sorry that it has been a while since the last post.  I was finishing up the 2010 season, in which we finished 11-1 and in the elite 8 of the state.

Building off of Cover 3, I wanted to discuss a few variations of Cover 3 that are great adjustments for teams to make while running it as a base coverage.  During the explanation of these coverages I will use a 4-3 Base Defensive Front.  

Switch alerts the Strong Safety ($) that he will "switch" responsibilities with the Sam (S) linebacker.  Thus the Sam takes the flat and the SS takes the Hook/Curl zone.  This type of coverage is effective against teams that like to attack the flat/curl zone.  Changing the responsibilities of these players causes confusion for the quarterback on his reads.  Also, when running switch, both safeties can line up deep, causing the QB to have a 2 high coverage pre-snap read.  A perfect example is below, a common bunch route seen out of trips/spread teams.

Bunch routes run vs. normal Cover 3:

With base cover 3, the $ is responsible for the flat (Arrow route).  The Sam picks up the sit route in his hook to curl zone.

Running switch allows the defense to change the responsibilities of the Safety and Sam, while showing a different pre-read snap to the QB (a 2 high look).  The $ can pick up the Sit route seeing it in front of him, and the S can pick up the Arrow route.  Here is an example:

Simple adjustments like this will provide the defense with the upper hand, and allow the defensive players to play more aggressively.

Coming up next.. Cover 3 Cloud